X-Power Interactive: Educators' Edition Professional Training

Professional development is available for X-Power Interactive: Educators' Edition. Users may select from 2-hour, 4-hour (1/2 day), full-day or one-week (30 hour) sessions. Each session is delivered by a nationally-certified trainer affiliated with A Process Approach to Middle and Secondary School Mathematics: Algebra I, a staff development recognized by the National Staff Development Council as a program that improves student achievement and changes teacher practices.

The staff training may include:

  • Technical training on how to use the program
  • How to integrate X-Power Interactive into an existing Algebra I curriculum.
  • A focus on the algebraic content in X-Power as it links to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Principles and Standards of School Mathematics and the way in which it develops student understanding.
  • Instructional practices that support strong student achievement in algebra
  • Communication stragegies that help students learn algebra, especially using writing and muliple representations.
  • Assessment strategies
  • Classroom management techniques to support student learning

The cost of professional development is $1800 (plus travel expenses) for the one-week institute for instructors. Costs for less time are by arrangement.

To request training: Contact Us .