Introducing X-Power Interactive: Educators' Edition

An algebra I multi-media course ideal for middle and high school students.
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  • Enhances existing curriculum or use as a stand-alone course.
  • Develops higher-order thinking
  • Promotes skill acquisition
  • Explores a variety of problems
  • Extends understanding with hands on labs
  • Allows students to see samples of student work
  • Strengthens student achievement

Bundled with an easy to use Classroom Management System.
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  • Create virtual classrooms for multiple teachers, small student groups and
    individual students.
  • Protect accounts with a username and password
  • Track progress throughout the chapters
  • Grade and record quiz and test answers
  • Assign retakes on problem sets, quizzes or tests

Delivered on a plug & play, USB 2.0 pocket drive for a PC or Mac.
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  • Entire X-Power Interactive program fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Includes CD with teacher support materials
  • Includes XPI Number to gain access to your online X-Account

Algebra just got a lot more exciting...

Algebra 3D Adventure

Amazing 3-D Animated Adventures featuring Einstein, Descartes, Euclid, Pythagoras and others who help students solve challenging problems.
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10 Algebra Chapters

Ten Chapters with over 75 Instructional Segments and 100s of Problems with embedded tutorials appealing to different learning styles.
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10 Math Games

Interactive Games that are fun to play, focus on higher-order thinking and reinforce concepts
and skills.
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Many Virtual Tools

Virtual Tools that provide interactive models and representations and include an Equation Editor, Graphing Tool, Algebra Tiles, Marble Model,
Work Pad and more...
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Classroom Management System

A Classroom Management System (CMS) that allows teachers and administrators to create virtual classrooms, track student progress chapter by chapter,
assign tests and more.
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All on a plug & play, USB 2.0 Pocket Drive for a PC or Mac.