X-Power Interactive: Educators' Editon educational Games and Tools

The X-Power course contains 10 original games and many virtual tools designed to entertain and educate. The games promote particular mathmetical concepts with fun scenarios, challenging puzzles and intelligent computer opponents.

Math Games
GameMathematical Idea(s)
Card Shark - Play
Math Game : Card Shark
Calculating with a problem-solving twist

Card Shark provides computational practice but with a twist. Students must use higher-order thinking skills to create subtraction problems that have a difference close to a target number. Other versions reverse the rule so that students create subtraction problems with a difference further away from the target number.

Odd One Out
Math Game : Odd One Out
Strategizing using number theory

Odd One Out is a strategy game that allows students to use patterns to win the game. Students remove markers from the board, playing against the computer, to force their opponent to take the last marker. The strategy for this game can be generalized to other games of its type.

Math Game : Balance Scales
Balancing amounts (equations)

Equilibrium is an introduction to solving equations. Students create quantities to balance another quantity.

My Secret Rule I
Math Game : Secret Rule Game
Identifying patterns in linear functions

My Secret Rule I is a function-type game that can be used to introduce expressions, equations or graphing. Students choose numbers that then have a ruled applied to them. A table is created and from the table, students can find the rule. They apply the rule to other numbers and also create the general rule in symbols. This version uses primarily linear functions.

Vanishing Points
Math Game : Vanishing Point
Graphing lines and points

Vanishing Points is a graphing game. A grid is presented with random points. Students play against the computer to knock out as many points as they can with every equation they create. The more points they knock off at one time, the higher the score.

Power Bingo
Math Game : Power Bingo
Multiplying monomials

Power Bingo focuses on multiplying monomials. Students create a bingo-type card of possible products of three monomials.

Cross Out - Play
Math Game : Cross Out
Factoring whole numbers with a problem-solving twist

Cross Out introduces factoring, prime numbers, and composite numbers. Students play against the computer as they select numbers and find their factors.

Tile Mania
Math Game : Tile Mania
Factoring polynomials with algebra tiles

Tile Mania is a game played with virtual Algebra Tiles. Students try to use as many Algebra Tiles as they can to create a rectangular area as close to a polynomial as possible. Their score is based on the number of tiles they are able to use.

My Secret Rule II
Math Game : Secret Rule Game 2
Identifying patterns in linear & non-linear functions

My Secret Rule II is a more complex version of My Secret Rule I. The rules often require exponential expressions.

Super Power Bingo
Math Game : Super Power Bingo
Multiplying polynomials

Super Power Bingo focuses on multiplying polynomials. Students create a bingo-type card of possible products of three polynomials.

Find a Place
Math Game : Find a Place
Place value concepts with rational numbers (decimals)

Find A Place is a place value game with rational numbers. Students are given random digits which they place on a game board as they try to create a number as close as they can to a target number.

X-Power Interactive: Educators' Edition Tools

The course provides interactive tools to solve equations, graphs and model integers.

X-Power ToolDescription
Algebra Tiles - Open Use tiles to represent monomials and polynomials
Equation EditorRepresent accurate, standardized mathematical equations
Number LineShow points and rays to designate solutions sets
Graphing ToolGraph points, linear and non-linear graphs
Word PadAllows descriptive answers in quizzes and test
Tutorial ToolDisplays tutorials with example solutions
Marble Model - Open Model integers and integer computations
TimerTimes student work and lab time