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Frequently Asked Questions

What is X-Power Interactive: Educators' Edition?

X-Power Interactive supports the current paradigm shift in algebra instructional methods that promotes visualization of concepts, multiple methods to solve problems and methods beyond emphasizing abstract symbolic manipulation. The Algebra I multi-media program is ideal for the 8th to 9th grade level as it takes students on a 3D adventure through ten chapters packed with over 100 hours of animated instructions.

Students join the X-Team, a group of five diverse friends, to help out-smart the Others, a mysterious alien race, and face the challenging problem sets, quizzes and tests chapter by chapter. The algebra concepts are reinforced with mathematical games, tools, hands-on labs, and video from actual classrooms working on the same problems.

Bundled with an easy to use classroom management system, X-Power can track multiple students as they progress through the material. X-Power supports 'No Child Left Behind' (NCLB) requirements and addresses NCTM and state standards. The application is complete Algebra I stand-alone course and a powerful compliment to existing curriculums.

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What is the rationale behind X-Power Interactive: Educators' Edition?

X-Power supports the current paradigm shift in algebra instructional methods that promotes visualization of concepts, multiple methods to solve problems and methods other than emphasizing abstract symbolic manipulation.
The Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) reports indicate numerous analyses conducted in attempts to explain why US students do not score as well on the international tests show that:

  • US curricula are fragmented, repetitious and crammed with a large number of topics.
  • Instruction is primarily focused at a superficial level of understanding.
  • Algorithms are stressed, even in problem solving.
No Child Left Behind legislation makes it clear that US students must achieve at higher levels. In order to do this, it is not merely the purchase of a new textbook that will be the panacea. Rather, teachers will have to think differently about how to teach concepts and link them to skills.
Many textbooks are not inclusive enough in this arena to provide a total mathematics program. Teachers must have the flexibility to draw on other resources so that they can meet the needs of their students. These complementary resources have to incorporate a different approach to be useful; otherwise, it will be more of the same which wasn’t effective.

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What are teachers saying about X-Power Interactive Educators’ Edition?

"X-Power was a great addition to my classroom. The classroom management system let me not only keep track of my students but to individualize their assignments. But best of all, my students couldn't wait to see what would happen next--they were so excited to use it. I also liked having the flexibility of using it with the whole class on one computer or with individual students on their own computer."
- Barb D., Ph.D., Mathematics Education university faculty
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"The math concepts presented in this program grab and hold the interest of young individuals. Students enjoyed doing the multiple activities (hands-on lab, and watching the cartoon characters explain the method of solving a problem). The math games were also challenging and fun."
- Joyce A., Mathematics and Science teacher, grade 10 mathematics

"This program helps students learn math in an interesting way. They like the combinations of videos, games, and animations. It keeps them engaged in the mathematics to learn the concepts. X-Power makes them excited about algebra."
- Raymond T. Mathematics Department Chair, Teacher grades 11 and 12

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What are students saying about X-Power Interactive: Educators' Edition?

Bryce: I liked that interaction that you get with the animated characters and how they show you examples before you a certain problem. I really like the program because it's not boring and makes things fun.
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Jeff: I really liked the shark card game and the Einstein problem. They were both fun and interesting.

Cara: What I like about it was we were playing games which made it more fun and not as boring to do. Also there was a lot of explanation that was easy to understand. I also liked the visuals they showed during the explanations.

Jared: I liked the animations when you got a problem right. I liked the home run the most.

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What are the benefits for teachers and homeschooling parents?

  • Provides the flexibility of assigning work or activities to fit individual students’ or groups’ of students needs
  • Promotes stronger student achievement as required in NCLB
  • Addresses NCTM and state standards
  • Helps students who are below grade level or special needs
  • Provides opportunities for students that need some remediation during a regular academic year (tutoring-type program) without slowing down the rest of the class
  • Allows cross-curricular tie-ins
  • Helps include conceptual understanding in a skill-based program
  • Helps to fill gaps in other curriculum
  • Uses communication strategies (reading, writing, speaking, critical listening and multiple representations) to enhance learning
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What are the benefits for students?

  • A fun and enjoyable way to learn algebra.
  • Hands on activities that are never boring
  • Opportunity to see how other students think about and do mathematics
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  • Access to multimedia that fits different learning styles and preferences
  • Ability to use engaging interactive tools and play challenging games
  • Builds confidence to attack a variety of problems
  • Reinforces skill development and retention
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How will I use X-Power Interactive?

  • Can be used in whole class, small group or one-on-one instruction
  • Can be used alone, or integrated into an existing program or customized
  • Supports any mathematics curriculum in developing higher-order thinking or promoting skill acquisition

Problems can be presented to students in various ways.

  • Teacher projects problem sets via an LCD to the whole class --students respond on paper.
  • Teacher prints off the problem sets and distributes to students to answer on paper.
  • Teacher assigns students problems to solve on the computer, with immediate feedback on those items that have one answer.
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What is the Classroom Management System (CMS)?

X-Power includes a powerful Classroom Management System to monitor students throughout the course. The CMS allows you to setup virtual classrooms including multiple teachers, small groups and one-on-one accounts each with their own username and password. After the initial setup, student accounts will track progress and record all quiz and test answers. A teacher's administrator account allows you see each student's progress and grade quizzes and tests as they are completed. All answer keys are included in the Teacher's Guide and there are two versions of every quiz and test providing the option of assigning retakes.

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I lost the X-Power Documentation CD, what should I do?

The X-Account members section provides the entire X-Power Interactive: Educators' Edition Documentation CD. Login or Register to gain access to your member account.

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